The Working Smarter Newsletter V2.0
By Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
Issue 5  •  March 26, 2018

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You're as welcome as can be.

Welcome back to The Working Smarter for Mac Users Newsletter V2.0. This is issue 5, chock full of good stuff including:

  • An excellent iPhone charging mount for your car.
  • A primer on being productive with Siri.
  • One word: Macstock.
  • A public service announcement about World Backup Day (March 31).
  • And, last but not least, I've got a free gift for all of you Insiders in honor of World Backup Day!

Moving right along, last week's Rants & Raves column at The Mac Observer was a delightful little ditty I call:  

I used to love those iPhone car mounts that you stick in your car’s CD player slot. Since I haven’t listened to a CD since I subscribed to Apple Music, they were a sweet solution to the, "where do I put my iPhone in my car" dilemma. Those iPhone holders converted a nearly-useless slot in my dashboard into an adjustable and secure iPhone mount.

Then, I got a different car. Sadly, its CD slot is directly above the touchscreen controls. I tried several different CD mounts, but every one of them blocked the screen.

So, for the past year or so, I’ve been driving around with my iPhone in the cup holder. I do not recommend or condone this, but it was the best I could do until….

A terrific primer on Siri and relationships
I use Siri constantly—via AirPods when I'm outside; via Bluetooth in the car, and even old school "Hey Siri!

Last week I read an article by
Lory Gil and Mike Tanasychuk at explaining (among other things) how to use relationships with Siri to say things like:

  • Email my boss
  • Text my sister
  • Call Mom at home

And, lots of other tips for using Siri better, faster, or more elegantly. I recommend it highly if you want to learn to use Siri more effectively.

Macstock is coming!

I'm tickled to announce I've been invited to deliver the keynote at the fourth annual Macstock Conference and Expo taking place July 21 & 22 in Crystal Lake, IL.

The speaker lineup this year is stellar…

The topic is "Productivity," so I'm looking forward to learning tons of new stuff.  

The early bird price for a weekend pass, including all conference events and parties, is just $179. But you better hurry—the price goes up to $249 soon (I'm not sure how soon, but soon).

Hope to see you there!
Get more info on Macstock.

World Backup Day is March 31
I just made a little public service announcement about World Backup Day (March 31).
If your data isn't backed up redundantly, or wouldn't survive a fire, theft, hurricane, tornado, or other natural disasters, please take two minutes to watch it.

But wait—there's more! I also lifted the backup lessons from my 10-hour Working Smarter for Mac Users course and created a 1-hour standalone course on backing up properly.

I call it Working Smarter for Mac Users: The Backup Course and it sells for a mere 0.99¢.  

But, not for you!

Since you're part of my Insiders list, your cost is $0.00; just use coupon code insider99 at checkout and enroll at no cost with my compliments.

Please watch the PSA if you're not already a nut about backing up. And, consider telling a friend about both the PSA and my new backup course.

Thanks and have a great week.

All the best,

P. S. Chuck Joiner had me on his MacVoices podcast last week. We chatted about many things including Macstock and my course.

P. P. S. Thanks to everyone who asked if we were OK during the bombings last week in Austin (where we live). We're fine and appreciate your concern!
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