The Working Smarter Newsletter V2.0
By Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus
Issue 7  •  April 9, 2018

Dear ,

Here we go! Welcome to issue 7 of the Working Smarter Newsletter 2.0.

One of the best things about being a solopreneur is that my work goes wherever I go.

One of the worst things about being a workaholic is that my work goes wherever I go.

I mention this because by the time you read this, I'll be skiing in Breckenridge with my daughter and taking three days off.

So... if you have business with me this week, I'll be back in the office bright and early Thursday morning. Until then... well, I may not be quite as responsive as usual. 😜 Watch for updates and photos in the Working Smarter for Mac Users Facebook group.   

Moving right along, this issue is a bit shorter than usual (I've still gotta find some winter clothes and pack for my trip). Still, I've got some great stuff for you including:

  • In the interest of consumer protection, I made a short video extolling readers NOT to buy the paperback version of Working Smarter for Mac Users because the eBook version is so much better (and less expensive).
  • Perhaps my favorite free Mac time-saving tip of all...
  • An awesome $5 app that records my voice instantly on my iPhone or Apple Watch (and that's not all...).
  • A shout out to the five winners of my first-ever contest.


  • A tip of the hat to my new Tips Page.

Let's jump right in.

Perhaps my favorite Mac time-saving tip of all time

If you aren't a fan of the snippet yet, hang around me long enough and you will be. I just posted a short tutorial on the blog about making snippets in macOS for free.

I finally found an Apple Watch (and iOS) app I love. It's called Just Press Record and it does just what its name implies when you press the big, red record button.

I have it configured as a complication on my Apple Watch (left). When I tap the complication, Just Press Record launches and begins recording audio immediately (right):

It works pretty much the same on your iPhone—you launch it and press the big red Record button to begin recording audio.

Finished audio recordings from the Apple Watch are sent to the iPhone where (this is the good part) your spoken words are translated into text. The iPhone app also lets you browse, search, delete, or share recordings and transcriptions.

I use it many times a day on both Watch and iPhone. It's so easy and convenient it's easily worth its price ($4.99).

If you need a quick way to record your thoughts, I don't know of anything faster or easier.  

Congratulations to the five winners of free tuition to Working Smarter for Mac Users in my first-ever contest

My first ever contest was a success. I received more than 200 entries and am pleased to announce the five winners: wvfoley, palisou, newslettertlo, macbikegeek, and jmielke.

Thanks for entering and congratulations on your win. I've already sent the winners an email with instructions; if you are one of the winners and didn't receive that email, please contact me.

Tip o' the hat to my brand-new Tips page

Several readers have asked if there is a way they can make a donation to support the newsletter (or other free goodies I create).
There was not, at least not until now.  

I just added a new feature to the Working Smarter for Mac Users website—a page called Tips—a dual-purpose page with a split personality.

From the Tips page you can:

  • Tip the proprietor (that's me)
  • Submit a tip for this newsletter
  • Both (if you're so inclined)

Just to be clear, the newsletter is still free and will remain free forever.

Tips are 100% optional.

But... if you'd like to reward my toils with a bit of cash, please visit the Tips page and learn more about becoming a "Patron of the Smarts."


If you've got a great productivity tip, submit it via my Tips page. If I use it in the newsletter, I'll send you a handsome "All I got was this lousy t-shirt" t-shirt:

You can help make this newsletter better by sharing your favorite productivity tip or making a one-time or monthly donation.

No matter what—whether you share and contribute or not—I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my Working Smarter for Mac Users family.

That's all I've got this week, but I'll be back with more next week.

Until then, have a great week (I know I'm gonna)...

All the best,

P. S. If you enjoyed this issue, please share it with your friends using the cute little buttons below. Thanks!    
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